Out of Time

Documentary feature, 80 Minutes, A 2006.


D.o.P.: Bernhard Pötscher
Additional footage: Jerzy Palacz
Sound: Harald Friedl
Score: Gerald Schuller
Editing: Bernhard Pötscher
Research: Petra Rainer
Written and directed by Harald Friedl

Festival distribution: festivals_at_afc.at (Anne Laurent)
Cinema distribution: SixpackFilm
Mit Katharina & August Jentsch, Josef Kienesberger,
Werner & Gertrude Fritz, Fee Frimmel.

German original version / english subtitles / soutitres en francais / polskie podtytuly / ceské titulky / slovenské podtitulky
Translation of english subtitles: Jutta Ittner
Traduction: Françoise Guiguet
Przeklad z jezyka niemieckiego: Joanna Ziemska
Ceské titulky: David Mohelský
Preklad: Ruth Mohelská

Cleveland International Filmfestival, 2008
„Doc Month“, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2008
„DocPoint“, Helsinki International Filmfestival, 2008
Calgary International Film Festival, USA, 2007
Vancouver International Film Festival, Kanada, 2007
International Documentary Film Festival “Flahertiana” 07, Perm,
Seattle International Film Festival, USA 2007
Cinema de réel, Paris 2007
Internationales Filmfestival Göteborg, 2007
Internationalen Hofer Filmtage, 2006
Internationales Leipziger Festival für Dokumentarfilm, 2006
Kasseler Dokumentarfilm– & Videofest, 2006
Documentary Film Festivals Maribor, Slowenien 2006
Crossing Europe, Linz 2006
Diagonale 06, Graz 2006


The small old-fashioned family shops in Vienna are disappearing or holding out. These are the last days of the Button Queen, the drugstore owner, the butcher and the fine leather–goods dealer. Yet this quaint picture is soon shattered by stories and gestures marked by the disruptions of History, social violence and disappointment, behind the jumble of goods and obsessive tidying up.

OUT OF TIME lovingly portrays four jewels of their trades. Silently observed by the camera, it’s a tale of the walls encompassing their lives, of their memories, relationships and desires, of loneliness and letting go, of love, and of new hope.

Sponsored by Land Niederösterreich, Land Salzburg, bka:KUNST, Land Oberösterreich, Stadt Salzburg.